New Security Company – The New Royal Guards

July 20, 2023

G’day All,

Allow us to cordially introduce the latest additions to the esteemed Royal Guard (our new security company!)

In our ongoing commitment to maintaining an environment that stands as a paragon of inclusivity and safety within the vibrant tapestry of Brisbane, we consistently endeavour to fortify our security measures. This unwavering dedication is aimed at upholding the tranquility and well-being of not only our cherished patrons and devoted team members but also the entire Fortitude Valley community. This responsibility becomes particularly pronounced when the allure of irresistible deals intertwines with the unhindered flow of beers, basics and cocktails throughout the night, resulting in moments of exuberant merriment! 😄

Presenting our newfound allies: none other than the gallant individuals hailing from Direct Protection. These adept professionals boast an extensive repertoire, encompassing an array of venues and industries. From the convivial ambiance of pubs to the intoxicating allure of bars, from the pulsating energy of nightclubs to the refined comfort of hotels, and even the resounding melodies of karaoke bars—there is no setting too varied or complex for their expertise. Hence, whether you find yourself seeking an assurance of Direct Protection whilst indulging in some beverages, or partaking in one of our amazing dinner specials priced with your pocket in mind, rest assured that your concerns will be promptly tended to by our approachable managers and vigilant security team.

In recognition of the fact that communication is the cornerstone of exceptional service, we extend an earnest invitation for you to reach out whenever the need arises. Remember we are contactable via the links on our website, via email, facebook, instagram or the good old fashioned telephone (how old school, I know!)

In essence, our enduring pledge to crafting an environment that harmonizes enjoyment with security remains unwavering. As we welcome Direct Protection into our fold, we re-establish that you will have a fun AND safe night out at the Royal George Hotel.

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